It was July 24, 2015 when I first stepped on American soil. A week after I found myself sleeping at Minute Maid Park where Houston Astros were playing the LA Angles. About eight months later I was the manager of my high school baseball team. At the end of June this year, I left United States carrying a baseball, glove and a baseball bat.

That’s what happens when you’re a foreign exchange student who just got in the States and has no clue about baseball. If you’re interested in sports like I’m, you probably have heard that there is a sport called baseball and it’s only played in America. You might also know that they play with a ball and a bat – the same one that people in your country use it as a weapon. And you “know” that it’s boring. That’s it. Those are the only three “facts” you know about this sport and then your host family takes you to a professional Major League Baseball game.

They buy you a baseball hat, a shirt from the team they’re going for and a baseball as a souvenir from the team store. You’re ready to go.

You walk into the stadium. You find your seat and you sit down. Ohh… I forgot. Before you sit down you go and buy yourself hot dogs or nachos (because you’re in Texas), chips and sweet tea. Now you’re completely ready for the show.

The game starts.

First inning is over. You’re smiling and making fake expressions to show your host parents how much you “enjoy” the game.

Then comes the second inning. You can’t fake it anymore. It took them half an hour to finish the inning and there are seven innings more! This is going to be a looong night for you. You’re so confused and have no idea what’s going on. People around you are yelling and cheering and jumping from their seats, and you’re just starring at them thinking how crazy they are. Who can be excited for such a boring sport as baseball?

Third is over. Still the same.

The forth one comes not long after that… and then suddenly comes ninth inning.

Your host mom is waking you up because the game’s about to be over.

Yeah, that was me and my very first baseball experience. Later on in the year I spent in Texas I felt in love with this “boring” sport but that’s a story for another time.



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